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Nora Rubber Flooring - Harrison, NY

Nora Rubber Flooring

Nora Systems, a global leader in rubber floor coverings, emphasizing quality, service, and innovation. The company has transformed floor installation through its nTx quick installation system, featuring a pre-applied self-adhesive backing. Nora® rubber flooring is favored in various sectors like healthcare and education for its hygienic properties, durability, and comfort, also serving the transportation and public building sectors with its versatile design options. Beyond flooring, Nora Systems offers accessories like stair treads and cleaning systems, promoting rubber as a sustainable and superior alternative to traditional materials.

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Protect-All® Flooring - Harrison, NY

Protect-All® Flooring

Protect-All® Flooring, leveraging recycled vinyl for sustainability, offers durable and slip-resistant solutions certified by the National Floor Safety Institute, ideal for commercial use in demanding environments. The company's mission focuses on leading the commercial flooring sector by prioritizing customer satisfaction, product quality, innovative installation, and environmental responsibility. Protect-All floors are designed for durability and low maintenance, resistant to heavy use, impacts, and a wide range of temperatures, while also being easy to clean and disinfect. Furthermore, its non-porous, sound-absorbing construction enhances safety, comfort, and hygiene, making it a top choice for spaces requiring high-performance flooring.

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Patcraft Flooring- Harrison, NY

Patcraft Flooring

Patcraft, a leading brand in commercial surface solutions, is committed to transforming spaces with its award-winning products, focusing on sustainability through the Inside-Out design philosophy that emphasizes the health and wellbeing of both people and the environment. The company aims to optimize all products to Cradle to Cradle® design principles and achieve net zero emissions by 2030, focusing on material health, circularity, climate impact, and social fairness. Through innovative design and manufacturing processes, Patcraft strives to reduce its carbon footprint and promote recyclability and reusability, ensuring a positive impact on both the spaces we inhabit and the planet. Their approach encompasses creating durable, low-impact products designed for positive spaces today and beyond, with initiatives like the EcoWorx® carpet tile and bio-based resilient products leading the way in circular and carbon-neutral solutions.

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Pro Flooring Solutions has been serving our community’s flooring needs for many years. We are a teamof experts who take great pride in both our craftsmanship and our long history of satisfied customers. We appreciate that every client has specific needs — our first task is to listento you. Once we understand your vision, we harness the skill sets of our specialists to make it happen.

Share your vision with us, and we’ll bring it to life!

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Knowing that I wasn’t alone made a huge difference. The experts at Pro Flooring Solutions pointed out details that I never would have thought of, and my floors look all the better for it! Highly recommend.


Given my limited budget, I was doubtful that I’d be able to get the look I wanted. Thankfully, the specialists at Pro Flooring Solutions were so knowledgeable about substituting materials and finishes that I ended up with quite a luxurious-looking space. Thank you, Pro Flooring Solutions!

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